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Unlimited Ride + NO AD app


Curated by Jowy Romano 

The New York City Subway is a source of much frustration for its riders, but it also acts as a source of inspiration for many artists. From its oddly beautiful, dilapidated stations; to its iconic train cars; to its riders from all walks of life—the Subway has unlimited potential as a catalyst for art. 

Unlimited Ride, a completely digital art show appearing on the NO AD platform, explores the Subway with a diverse group of artists working in several different mediums. The project includes cartoon portraits by Ami Plasse, sculpture by Brina Thurston, sketches by ELBOW-TOE, watercolor paintings by Joan Iaconetti, MetroCard mosaics by Nina Boesch, black and white photography by Ramin Talaie, oil paintings by Seth Tane and color photography by Stephen Mallon. 


Created by Re+Public (PublicAdCampaign + The Heavy Projects) in collaboration with Jowy Romano. 

NO AD is a free mobile application that uses augmented reality technology to resurface NYC subway advertisements with art, creating a new exhibition space on top of old advertising infrastructure. For more information about NO AD, download our initial press release [HERE]. Like any new exhibition space, we want to bring arresting content to our users on an ongoing basis. Our next curatorial project will be announced soon! 

For more information visit the web links below, or download the app and test it using the advertising image provided. 

NO AD x Subway Art Blog ­ January 2015 www.noad­app.com www.subwayartblog.com 


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Print Release Via Paper Monster
12:00 PM12:00

Print Release Via Paper Monster

I am extremely excited to share my first print release with the esteemed Paper Monster(http://www.papermonster.net), which will be happening today at 12 noon EST. The Dust Blows Forward, And The Dust Blows Back is truly a labor of love that has been in process since October of last year. The image is a 38 inch diameter linocut, that was carved entirely with a scalpel, to preserve the extremely delicate detail of the piece. Each one of these edition of 10 images has been hand painted in watercolor by me, with the process of painting taking 3 days to complete. Though the images have a template in terms of color that they adhere to, I have approached each image as an experiment at how far I can push the watercolor to heighten the image.


This image marks a return to printmaking, from which I had taken a sabbatical in pursuit of my greater understanding of working with paper. I approached the making of this and future prints I have planned with the same care and attention to detail that my work has become known for.



The Dust Blows Forward, And The Dust Blows Back, 2014

Watercolor on linocut print on Coventry Smooth White 335g

40 x 47 inches

Edition of 10



For more information on the print release, please follow the link to the Paper Monster Blog:


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